These Pictures a just a small window to the City and the Impressions around the "Krämerbrücke". If you visit the Bridge you will feel the uniquness and the friendly atmosphere everywhere.

around the "Krämerbrücke"

These Pic's are from the eastern and western end of the Bridge, called the "Wenigemarkt" with the Church of St.Agidy and on the other Side the "Benediktplatz". On this Western Side the old church doesn't remain. It was situated nearby the shop"stileben"

the "Krämerbrücke" from the Air

this is an old b/w photo taken maybe in the early 70th from North

Springtime along the "Krämerbrücke"

Everytime it is a different Feeling, ...the Look, the smell around the Shops and along the Bridge, everything is unique ,try it. Visit Erfurt ;-)


We wish you a pleasant stay.